Brahma Vidya

What is Brahma Vidya?

Brahma Vidya tells us about orderly laws & deeper truths about your life, my life - human life. Thus, Brahma Vidya gives definite methods by which a person can overcome all physical and mental problems to lead a life of health & happiness.

Why is Brahma Vidya required? Or why is it useful?

We all desire to be healthy & happy. But just by desire alone and wishing for it cannot give you that. We have to consciously put effort in this direction. One of the paths - the most ancient, tried and tested one is 'Brahma Vidya'.

Is Brahma Vidya a science?

Yes, Brahma Vidya is a Science of Life teaching human beings the Spiritual Laws of Life. These Spiritual Laws operate in human life through Breath and Thought.

How does Brahma Vidya work?

Though we are using Breath and Thought right from our birth, no one has ever taught us the correct way of Breathing or Thinking. An average person uses only 10% of lung capacity. Brahma Vidya teaches Spiritual Breathing Exercises - which improves breathing and purifies the body, and Meditation techniques - which improves thinking and purifies the mind.

Can Brahma Vidya replace medicine?

Brahma Vidya is not like a medicine but a system which helps remove root cause of illness and promotes health. Breathing Exercises and Meditation have been found useful to rid of Asthma, Chronic cold & cough, High blood pressure, Spondylosis, Backache, Heart problem, Joint pain and other ailments. The practice also improves mental outlook of the person and makes the person positive, cheerful, optimistic and confident - leading to overall health & happiness.

How much time one needs to devote to Brahma Vidya?

Minimum time required is 20 minutes for Breathing Exercises in the morning and 20 minutes for Meditation in the night.