What is the meaning of the word Acupuncture or Acupressure?

"Acus" in latin means needle or a point and "Puncture" means to prick, hence Acupuncture means puncturing a specific point with a needle. Similarly Acupressure means pressing a specific point with fingers, hand or jimmy (instruments designed for applying pressure) instead of a needle.

I find Acupuncture mysterious, how can pressing a point or piercing a needle cure a patient or provide relief?

Yes, good question, many patients raise this query. We will need to understand our body constitution a little bit to understand this mystery. According to Acupuncture our body consists of channels (referred to as Meridians) through which energy (Pran, Chetna or Vital force) flows. In a healthy person the energy flow through the channels is in right proportion i.e. in a state of balance. Whereas, whenever there is an obstruction to the flow of energy or there is an excess or deficient energy in these channels it leads to state of imbalance making the person unhealthy or diseased. This obstruction or the imbalance is corrected by pricking needles or applying pressure at specific points along the channels. These points along the channels are referred to as Acupuncture/Acupressure points.

Under what circumstances is Acupressure useful?

It is mostly useful as a first aid for conditions of pain, nausea, headache, hiccups, sprains, emergencies situations like epileptic attacks or convulsions, heat stroke, hysterical attacks, acute low backache, acute cardiac pain, sudden fainting or collapse.

What are the limitations of Acupuncture/Acupressure therapy, since no medication is prescribed, what diseases can it cure?

Since this treatment aims to BALANCE the energy flow in all the meridians / channels (14 in all) of the body, it is practically possible to cure all diseases except cases requiring surgical interventions e.g. fractures, dislocations, cleft palate, mechanical obstructions due to foreign body, pregnancy and bleeding disorders.

Can Acupuncture/Acupressure treatment be given to a Cancer patient?

Treatment for Malignancy is under trial but it can definitely help to reduce the pain and will make the patient feel comfortable at general level e.g. Loss of appetite, side-effects of Chemotherapy, weakness, loss of sleep etc can be controlled with Acupuncture.

What are the side-effects of Acupunture and Acupressure treatment?

Practically NIL...