What is Homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy is a natural holistic system of medicine; which treats the person as a whole, taking into account their personality and emotional state as well as their physical symptoms. Unlike orthodox medicine each homoeopathic prescription is carefully matched to the individual by emphasizing on complete understanding of mind, body and soul. Homoeopathy works wonders in both chronic as well as acute cases without causing any side effects.

How does Homoeopathy work?

Homoeopathic remedies act upon the body's own energy, which homoeopaths call the vital force - the force responsible for the healthy running of the body and combating disease. We believe that symptoms of illness are an outward expression of an imbalance in this vital force. Homoeopathic remedies act by stimulating this vital force to regain the state of health.

Homoeopathy always takes a long time to cure. Fact or Myth?

This is a myth carried by many that Homoeopathy takes a long time to help the patient. This system of science has two types of medicines which are prescribed by the physician - 1. Acute medicines  2. Long and deep acting medicines which are termed as intercurrents, miasmatics, constitutionals etc.

In the case of an acute ailment, ex- fever, headache, common cold, cough etc. the acutes are prescribed. These medicines when taken as per the instructions given by the doctor (usually these medicines are given in frequent intervals for a period of 2-3 days) can bring on excellent results even in a span of 8-10 hours!

On the other hand when a person is suffering from an ailment for a long time (many months or years) the doctor needs to prescribe the constitutional and/or other medicines. These medicines too will start showing results in a couple of days, like pain/acidity/discomfort will reduce in 2-3 days. But for the complete cure the patient will have to continue the course of treatment for a longer time as suggested by the doctor. "Something which has been bothering a person for a long time, will also take a while to get out of his/her system!!"

Does Homoeopathic medicine have any side effects or can one suffer from its overdose?

Homoeopathic medicines do not have any side effects, but it does have BAD EFFECTS (which are temporary in nature). This means that if the medicines are taken for too long a time or without a proper qualified doctor’s advice it can cause unnecessary problems like vaque symptoms appearing in the person. This happens because the person may start proving the medicine/remedy as each medicine has a set of symptoms attached to it. Also the next time when he needs to take homoeopathic treatment, he may not respond to the treatment at all as the previous medicine might be an antidote/inimical to the present medicine. In easier words the person may have developed something like a resistance that we form for certain drugs in modern medicine.

Why is the first consulting always so long and why so many questions?

In case of a chronic ailment it is very essential for the Homoeopathic physician to take a detailed history. This is because the personality (Constitution) of the patient needs to be pin-pointed as ONLY this will give the doctor the constitutional medicine which needs to be prescribed. In order to achieve this a lot of Questions termed "Generalities" need to be answered. These are predominantly pertaining to the Central Nervous system, Endocrine system, Gastro-intestinal system and the Mental makeup. E.g. sleep pattern, food pattern with likes and dislikes, susceptibility to heat and cold, emotional quotient etc. Most of the physical symptoms that one experiences arise from one of these most important systems of our human body. Hence it is absolutely necessary to answer all these questions in order to be cured from the ailment.

Can Homoeopathy cure cancer?

A lot of research is on in this field. Some lymphomas have been successfully cured with the use of Homoeopathic medicine. However, along with the modern treatment available for cancer, one can definitely take Homoeopathic medicines too for palliation. These medicine will help reduce side effects of chemotherapy and radiation like pain, acidity, sleeplessness, severe depression, hair loss, loss of apetite etc.

Can homoeopathic medicines be taken along with allopathic or ayurvedic medicine?

Yes, homoeopathic medicines can certainly be taken along with allopathic medicines. As far as Homoepathy and Ayurved are concerned there might be some problems with certain medicines as Homoeopathy gives the remedy in a potentised form while Ayurved gives it in a crude form. Hence there could be a clash in the treatment. It is therefore advisable to consult the physician before you begin treatment.

How can the same white pills be effective for all illnesses?

The sugar pills are only a vehicle for transfer of medicines. Homoeopath selects the medicine from a wide range of remedies and medicates the pills before dispensing it. The medicine is chosen according to individuals symptoms, illness and constitution.

Can Homoeopathy medicines dispensed in the form of sugar pills be safely used for Diabetics?

Yes, it can be very safely used ! the amout of sugar pills taken daily is very insignificant. In very severe diabetic cases, medicine can be taken as drops in water.