Parul for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Dear Dr Swati, I am writing this mail to place on record my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the concern, personal interest and healing touch provided by you towards alleviating the pain and discomfort that my wife Parul had to undergo owing to her condition ofRheumatoid Arthritis. In a short span of about 2 months, the transformation that she underwent was really heartening to see. It was not just the Acupuncture based treatment that you administered so well, but also the compassion and understanding with which you did so, which made us always feel at ease and definitely enhanced the effectiveness of the treatment. It is indeed rare to find someone as committed to the patients' comfort and welfare as you are. We simply cannot sum it up in words because the most obvious indication of your proficiency is in my wife's far far better condition today, having stopped her painkillers completely and an unbelievably marked improvement in her condition after almost 2 years of pain and discomfort. Also, the fact that you have combined other therapies at your Centre is a unique aspect of the availability of these specilists under one roof. In addition, we owe many thanks to your dedicated staff who reflect the same warm and positive attitude that you have inculcated in them and made every session of ours a pleasant experience. With best Regards, Parul and Srihari

Milind for Low Back Ache & Non Healing Ulcer
Hi, I am Milind Bora, 40yrs old and an old patient of Dr. Swati Parakh. About 3yrs ago I had an attack of severe Lower Back Pain. the pain was intense to such an extent that I could neither walk nor lie down. An Orthopedic Surgeon diagnosed it as slip disc between L5 and L6 vertebrae of my spine. Dr. Swati's treatment with acupuncture has completely cured me and there has been no repeat episode since. More recently I was diagnosed with a Non-Healing Ulcer on the ankle of my right leg. All treatments failed to work. To the extent that suturing surgery also proved to be ineffective. I was in despair and as a last ditch effort I consulted Dr. Swati. On inspecting all reports she said "lets try, no harm in trying". Within a week of starting treatment a significant reduction in the wound size was achieved. Also the circulation around the ulcer also improved and the pain was also considerably lowered. With Acupuncture and Homeopathic treatment it is now completely healed. Thank you Dr. Swati

Manisha for Knee Cartilage Tear
I am Manisha Khinvasara, 36 year old having a Knee Cartilage Tear due to some accident 10 years before. It started giving trouble in last couple of years. Had swelling and pain on my Knee and had trouble walking as well as climbing stairs. For this issues, I must have shown to most of the Orthopedic Doctors. Doctors suggested to get the Knee operated and few doctors gave some pain killers with some exercises. But none had any long term solution for my conditions. After I had shown to Dr. Swati, she suggested me to take 10 sessions of acupressure in 2 months. After 2 sessions only, my knee started showing improvements. After 10 sessions, swelling is reduced and pain is gone. Now I can sit cross legs also. Now also I sometimes get the pain after some long walks or some trekking. So occasionally I need to take Acupuncture sessions in between. And this reduces the pain and FREEs my knee (and me also).

Rahul for Frozen Shoulder
I am Rahul Khinvasara, 40 years old and was suffering from conditions like shoulder pain, limited movement of the shoulder and difficulty with activities such as brushing hair, putting on shirts etc, a condition similar to Frozen Shoulder. I discussed about these conditions with Orthopedic doctor who suggested me some pain killers. But pain killers reduced the pain, but the conditions did not improve. I discussed this with Dr Swatii and she suggested to me take few sessions of Acupuncture. I took one session of Acupuncture. And WOW !!! From the next day my Shoulder pain reduced and movement improved.. I have yet to take remaining sessions..(Not finding any need .... actually)

Nirmala Iyer for Osteoarthritis
I am 78 year old lady suffering from chronic and severe Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis. Several years of medication and physiotherapy did not really prove to be a cure so much so that I very nearly believed that I would be crippled for life. That is when I decided to try out Acupuncture as last hope. Dr Swatii took up my case as a challenge and miraculously my condition improved considerably. There was tremendous reduction in the joint swelling and pain was much less. In my opinion, the treatment was effective because Dr Swatii is qualified, efficient and dedicated to her profession - all three factors being of prime importance to anyone in the medical field. My advice to all is that one need not wait like I did to try out Acupuncture as a last resort but go for it as a means of first line of treatment. The great advantage in this treatment is that one is not taking any medication, so the toxic side effect (which go with it) are avoided.