Poonam for Mouth Ulcers
I am Mrs Poonam Kale and I was suffering from recurrent mouth ulcers since many years for which I consulted Dr Veena Ramanathan a year back. After first few doses the frequency of ulcers reduced and the intensity of pain too. I am absolutely fine now with no ulcers and I am feeling well overall. Thankyou!

Palliative care for Cancer
My wife aged 68 years was diagnosed with a tumor in her stomach which was malignant. The cells had also spread to her liver, pancreas and gall bladder. She was instantly put on treatment. During her chemotherapy sessions I wanted her to be pain free, hence I started homoeopathy along with her treatment from Dr. Anjali Raju. By then the spread of the cells had reached the brain as well. But inspite of the heavy medication and chemo sessions, my wife did not experience pain, nausea or even hair loss like I had seen at the hospital with many other patients having the same disease. Unfortunately, my wife did not survive through, but I am thankful that until her end she was cheerful, ate well, experienced no pain or associated symptoms. I sincerely think it was the homoeopathic treatment which helped her till her end. During my waiting period at the hospital I saw a lot of patients contemplating on the use of alternative therapy with chemotherapy. But I am convinced that homoeopathy can be administered along with modern medicine, chemotherapy etc.

Mrs. P.W. for Migraine
I had been suffering from headaches since my school days. Later it was diagnosed as migraine and all the medication that I took only gave me temporary relief. Finally I decided to try homoeopathy and went to Dr. Anjali Raju. Her treatment gave me relief in 2 months. The intensity of pain reduced drastically but the frequency of attacks remained the same. But on Dr. Raju's assurance I continued her treatment. Today I am thankful that I believed in Homoeopathy as well as my doctor as I am completely cured of my migraine. I wish everybody turns to alternative treatment as their first option.

Mrs. U.G for Urticaria
I was always a very fit, active and healthy person. One evening after having a bowl of watermelon pieces (which was probably injected with some red colour), I started developing a very peculiar rash all over my body. The itching was unbearable and I also started swelling up like a balloon. My face was so puffed up that one could not see my eyes at all. Meanwhile my B.P too began to drop and as a result I was unable to sit/stand without falling down. I thought I was in for some major health issue. My family physician Late Dr. Anand Gokhale diagnosed it as urticarial, gave me some injections and also advised me to consult Dr. Anjali Raju, who was at that point working under his guidance. She gave me some homoeopathic medicines which helped the swelling and rash settle down, but the itching continued. After treatment for about 6 months, I was completely relieved of all my symptoms. Presently, me and my family continue taking homoeopathic treatment for our ailments since I strongly believe in this method of science.

Mrs. Shaikh for Asthama
I was an asthamatic patient since my childhood having attacks of breathlessness, cough etc. During my first pregnancy and esp after the delivery, the frequency and the intensity of my attacks increased by 50%. I had to nebulize myself quite often. As I was not comfortable I started using inhalers twice or sometimes even thrice a day. About 2 years back when I visited Pune, I consulted Dr. Anjali Raju. After a detailed questionnaire answered by me, she gave me some medicines. After taking the medicines for 2 months I was practically cured. I did not need any nebulization and I had to take inhalers very rarely. With regular follow ups, I was completely cured in a span of 6 months. Now I lead a normal life without any inhalers/medication. Presently I treat myself only with homoeopathy and urge everybody to try homoeopathy as the first line of treatment.

Chitra for Common Cough and Cold
I had good experience with Dr Veena Ramanathan. My son was under her treatment for acute cold and cough, he was relieved very soon. I truly believe in Homoeopathy now.

Deepali for Irregular Menses
I had irregular menses from the age of 15. I tried Allopathy treatment earlier. The menses used to be regular when i was under medication but returned to irregular once i stopped medicine. I started taking Homeopathy treatment from Dr Veena since last one year. My menses became regular since then and am started feeling better.