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Dr. Veena Ramanathan
Dr. Veena Ramanathan
Homoeopathic Consultant
(020) 25861688


Dr Veena Ramanathan has been practising classisal and pure form of homoeopathy for the past 8 years in Pune. After acquiring her bachelors degree in Homoeopathy degree from a reputed college in Pune, she worked in various fields of medicine like Paediatrics, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Medicine etc. She has also worked under the guidance of renowned homoeopaths like Dr Sunil Anand for 3 years. At present she is focusing on cure from all types of ailments like Skin, Gastrointestinal troubles, Gynaecological disorders, Childhood troubles, Acute and Chronic Respiratory problems and Stress related issues etc.