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Vd. Yeshaswini Karadkar
Vd. Yeshaswini Karadkar
Ayurvedic Sports Medicine and Panchakarma


She is practicing since 9 yrs. Being a Shivchatrapati award winner in diving she understands the importance of a sports persons health. Ayurveda has very good and safe treatments for sports persons for maintaining good health, increasing endurance and avoiding injuries. Post injury recovery and operative procedures recovery is faster with the help of Ayurveda.

She had undergone training for Nadi Pariksha and Marma at Art of Living centre Bangalore. Marma training from Thirumoolar Varmalogy Centre, Tamilnadu. She does Agnikarma and Cerebrosacral therapy. Along with general Panchakarma and Holistic Ayurveda she specializes in Ayurvedic Sports Medicine, Marma, Cerabrosacral therapy.


Marma are the energy points in our body. They are located at the junctions of muscles, bones, arteries, veins, nerves. There are many Marma points in our body, among which the main are 107 energy points.


In Marma Chikitsa these 107 energy points are gently pressed and stimulated manually.

Due to the stimulation, blocks from that point and also from the parts associated with that point are removed.


There are two types of Marma Chikitsa:

1. Symptomatic treatment

2. General treatment

Symptomatic treatment:

It is done with or without oil and takes only 10 mins to complete the treatment

Helps in symptoms like:

  1. Pains in any one part of the body
  2. Fever
  3. Cough n cold
  4. Musculoskeletal disorders - stiffness, muscle spasms, frozen joints, pains
  5. Headache
  6. Stress
  7. Fatigue
  8. Digestive disorders
  9. Respiratory disorders
  10. Neurological disorders
  11. Sleeplessness
  12. Urinary disorders
  13. Menstrual disorders
  14. Diabetes mellitus
  15. Energy booster
  16. Immunity enhances

This treatment gives fast relief in most of the symptoms.

General treatment:

In this treatment the work is done on the whole body Marma points.

With just gently handling this Marma points the treatment is done. This is a wonderful treatment which works with the subtle energy of our body. It takes about 1 hr to 1-1/2hr for this treatment.

Helps in symptoms like:

  1. Physical and psychological relaxation.
  2. Opens the channels of the body
  3. Detoxification of body
  4. Increases the Prana (energy) levels
  5. Improves body function
  6. Helps in fast recovery after strenuous training
  7. Removes stress
  8. Balances the Doshas
  9. Works on both body and mind


Symptomatic Marma can be done anytime even in the acute conditions.

It is best to plan a General Marma Chikitsa once in a month or at least a week before competitions and 3 to 5 days after competition.