Who we are

A professional lady of 31 years was afflicted by Hyperthyroidism post delivery of her 2nd child. She suffered during even basic chores. She couldn’t climb a few steps, felt breathless and weak at the slightest exertion and experienced tremors. She consulted an endocrinologist and started her treatment with help of modern medicine. She continued the treatment for 1½ years with hardly any improvement. The doctor advised her Radio Iodine Therapy. This treatment would have probably made her dependant on a pill all her life. She wasn’t prepared for the same and decided to turn to Homoeopathy and Acupuncture supported by Yoga & Pranayam techniques. She started improving steadily and was free from her symptoms within months. In couple of years all her readings returned to normal and she was cured of her ailment by a combination of holistic healing technique.

This is the true story of Dr. Swatii Parakh, practicing Homoeopath and Acupuncturist. She says with pride, "My personal experience of getting cured from Hyperthyroidism by using a combination of ancient (also known as Alternate) therapies encouraged me to start a healing center providing all such therapies under one roof. I felt this was the best service I could provide to the society at large."

With this vision, Bliss Healing Center was set up in 2010. The Mission of the center is to

"Spread awareness of Alternate therapies to the masses and to encourage patients to a combination of Alternate therapies as the 1st line of treatment."

One of the panel doctors states that Alternate medicines require the therapist to understand the emotional setup of the patient to effectively treat the patient hence the tagline "Heal with Feel"

With this vision and mission Bliss has slowly and steadily developed into a unique center offering multiple alternative therapies under one roof. It has an experienced panel of doctors with expertise in Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture and Acupressure, Physiotherapy etc. In line with its mission of spreading awareness the center also conducts workshops on Inner Re-engineering, Acupressure for Healthy Living & Brahma Vidya. The center also conducts regular batches of Yoga, taught by experienced teachers and practitioners. The Bliss philosophy is

"Providing best treatment to a patient through combination of therapies while being open to seek advice and help of modern/mainstream medicine whenever the need arises."